Thursday, September 2, 2010

During the past year and a half...

Well, it's been a year and a half since the last posting and the Chardin Garden has undergone a serious facelift. In April, we installed raised beds and reconfigured the gardener situation to make an attempt at stronger commitment.

Here are some photos to give a better idea what's going on now:

The inaugural event happened on Earth Day 2010. Gardeners planted starts from the SU Grounds crew, snacked, and schmoozed.

The garden is looking very late-summer right now, with mature plants and seed heads.
Lettuce gone to seed is a good forage source for birds, plus it looks interesting - lettuce flower stalks can grow as tall as a person.
The tomatoes are beginning to ripen, exciting after such a cool summer.
This person left room for a fall/winter garden planting.
Patty-pan squash are hiding inside of this vine.
An eggplant has managed to mature, despite the cool weather.
This sunflower in the communal perennial bed has a honeybee visitor – you can see it if you look closely.

The communal perennial bed sports currants, herbs, and an unfortunately crispy blueberry bush.
Fennel gone to seed is great forage for birds and other beneficials.

These boxes provide room for hoses and other communal tools. The hose hooks up to a waterline mid-garden but we like to put it away between uses because there’s no water key on the line.

Edible marigolds look beautiful, attract beneficial insects, and are tasty as a garnish.

When radishes go to seed their roots become woody and unappetizing. Fortunately for us, radish pods are delicious in a salad!
That's all for now! Looking good, gardeners - keep it up.

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